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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Cosmetics, also called Micropigmentation, Cosmetic Tattooing or Permanent Makeup, is the revolutionary method of depositing hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. All procedures are performed by licensed aesthetician with specialized training to perform permanent makeup.

What type of pigments are used?
All of the pigments used are of the highest quality, and do not contain iron oxides which can oxidize and change color over time.

Will the pigments fade or change color?
We use a type is endorsed by the International Intradermal Cosmetic Expo, and is of the highest quality, and should not fade.

How long will it last?
We have patients who report that their permanent makeup has lasted more than 15 years, so it can last a very long time. There are certain skin types that simply do not bind well with the permanent makeup, and may fade in a couple of years. People who have these skin types must realize that this is not a limitation of the procedure, but a limitation of the person’s skin.

Are there any contraindications?
There are some people who may have an allergic reaction to the red types of pigment. This may result in significant swelling, and though rare, can result in some scarring in the area of the allergy. If you are highly allergic, it is best to notify the treating aesthetician so that a test spot can be performed prior to the entire area.

Will I need a touch up?
Most people will require a touch up about one month after the initial treatment. Touch-ups cost a nominal fee of $50.

What can I expect after the procedure?
You will be given written instructions for home care. It is important that you follow these instructions for the best possible result. After a few days, the area may turn into a scab, and then the scab will fall off by itself after another couple of days. The initial pigment you see after the procedure will fade significantly, but then you should see the pigment reappear around week 3 or 4 after the procedure.

What procedures can you perform and how much do they cost?

Permanent makeup Eyebrow $200
Permanent makeup Eyeliner $200
Permanent makeup Lipliner $200
Permanent makeup Full lips $500
Touch-ups   $50

Where can I get more information?
For more information, visit us at or contact us by phone at 832-300-5593 or by email at

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